Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Greatest Nightmare

I can’t believe I deleted my blog “Life is Like a Bowl of Stamps” which I’ve been blogging on for over three years! When I got my DROID phone at work, it apparently required a gmail account in order to work. Well, when that account was created, it hijacked my blogger blogs, my YouTube subscriptions and anything else Google could extend its reaches. Something I did not even see coming.

So, any email that I used to get regarding my blog and comments, my YouTube subscriptions, etc. was no long going to my personal email. It was going to an account that was used for work so that I could use a smart phone. Well this morning when I got up, I was going to put an end to that. I was going to delete the account so all my old accounts would return to their pre-DROID status and return to my personal email associations.

Needless to say, that did not happen. Instead, Google just deleted the blog, my subscription associations and everything that was associated to the Google account instead of reverting back to the original account that all of these accounts were started with. I still can’t believe it. I’ve made a request to have them restored; however, I have a good feeling that probably won’t happen because of the details you have to remember like when you first opened your gmail account, your blogger account, your YouTube account, etc. Who keeps those records?

So, instead, I decided I would take a Mulligan and start over. It gives me an opportunity to redefine what I disliked and keep what I like. I have some definite ideas on that.

Well, I hope your day has been set aside for God, family and friends and you make the most of this wonderful day set aside just for you!

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